Classic visit

The Gouffre de Proumeyssac has specifically designed its infrastructures to accommodate the increasing number of groups that come to visit this wonder of nature:
• a picnic room
• a large capacity car park where coaches can manoeuvre without difficulty
• a picnic area in the park area of the Gouffre
• a gift shop

The access conditions to be eligible for the special group rate are:
Adults (+ than 20 people) driver + 1 guide free.

10,90 €

Reservation on 05 53 07 27 47

Visite + meals (menu 1) : 32,90€
Visite + meals (menu 2) : 38,90€

tour + meal

Day with meals Restaurant at the Castle

2 menus to choose 100% Perigord.
After visiting the caves of Proumeyssac, a traditional meal waiting for you. You can taste the products of our soil in a friendly atmosphere.

Reservation au 05 53 07 27 47

Visite The « Gouffre de Proumeyssac
« Dubbed « Crystal Cathedral » Proumeyssac is now the largest developed cave in the Périgord.
Through a tunnel, it has easy access to this huge underground vault, walls are adorned with countless crystallizations of density and exceptional beauty. Guided tour of 60 minutes.

Restaurant du Château
A cuisine that combines tradition and originality in a green setting opposite the magnificent campaign castle.
The most central step towards the tourist tours to the discovery of prehistory