Fun and educational space

The park dedicated to our visitors is being expanded with a new fun and educational area as well as an area dedicated to museography. Fun stations allow the whole family to experience geological discoveries, to go back in time and to become initiated to speleology thanks to a specific play area

The Ludo Park

The mission of the Ludo educational park is to give families the opportunity to engage in a whole set of interactive tools and make them discover and understand the riches of the underground world and those of the Proumeyssac abyss:

• Geology staged by a life-size Goose Game.
• The history of the Proumeyssac abyss shown through a fun gondola for kids which simulates the original one.
• The formation of concretions with a module animated by water movements.
• The mechanical role of water in nature with 4 autonomous workshops.
• The world of speleology thanks to an open-air course for young adventurers.


Museum area

The new museum’s mission is to immerse visitors in an underground universe, thanks to a cave setting.

Visitors will be taken back in time to the legends of the Proumeyssac abyss of the XVIIIth century, be taught the history of its discovery and the cave as it is today.

Thanks to the cooperation of a museographer, the information is presented in a way that is both original and interactive.



Geological animation



Professor Geopole is invested in a mission:
– to teach children how our Perigord soil has formed:
– how the Proumeyssac abyss has developed
– how stalactites and stalagmites have formed

It has a “carriole” that has been equipped in a laboratory and which will cross the park to offer a fun experience to the public. For example, in only a few minutes, it will demonstrate the hollowing of the abyss with water and sand and will show a simple yet clever system.

Thanks to Geopole, a scatterbrained and funny professor, geology will not withhold any secrets from you.


Spring holidays:
From April 9 to May 4, 2018
From Monday to Friday at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm
Summer holidays:
From July 9th to August 31th, 2018
From Monday to Friday at 2.30pm, 3.30pm, 4.30pm and 5.30 pm



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